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Read ‘About Us’ first to find out why My Million To One’s so different.

Breaking Expectations but Not the Bank

My Million To One is the opposite of most fundraising ventures -

It’s about YOU

Richard E Grant, Jason Flemyng, Adventurers, Athletes & Film makers have backed my campaign to found a home for abandoned disabled children in Southern Africa. I was asked to help whilst volunteering in the area, so I approached a couple of small, local charities that I knew very well & they agreed to adopt the children & give them a home but I had to meet 2 criteria in order for the arrangement to go ahead. These are...

  • Find money every year to pay for the children's home, plus all their needs, education & rehabilitation costs.
  • GUARANTEE that the money will be provided for their lifetimes.

I have found a unique way to do it - By making £1,000,000 by 22nd November 2014.

It is a brand new concept based on 1 simple premise: Everyone is entitled to achieve their dreams. I make the children's dream of a home come true by helping you with your Bucket List first. How it works...

  • You pay £1 ONCE and never again to join the My Million To One website.
  • That £1 is to achieve YOUR own goals, dreams & ambitions whilst having a huge impact on the lives of these children, since My Million To One uses that same £1 to help the kids.
  • How does the website help you? Well, on the website you gain access to 100's of exclusive offers/discounts from UK companies (Eg. From Travel, Outdoor Activities, Wedding/Romance & Well Being industries) plus FREE talks, workshops & mentoring opportunities with A-list celebrities, Athletes & other industry leaders to help you succeed in your chosen career.
  • Finally, your membership entitles you to win FREE, life changing raffle prizes, like Life Coaching sessions or a bespoke wedding cake from a Michelin Star chef.
  • When a million of you join MMTO, paying £1 each ONCE, the interest alone from the £1,000,000 will build & fund the home for the children in Africa, never requiring further investment again. (A brand new charity model in its own right.)

Click through the arrows to see some of the drawings of the home & children...


(In the region of Southern Africa)

These are a few of the disabled children who are either orphaned or abandoned & they need a loving home...

This is an illustration of one of the charities that has offered to adopt them...

I am guaranteeing that I can offer long term support, so that these children can have a home in 2014


Richard E Grant & MMTO

There are a number of events lined up for the My Million To One campaign...

Jason Flemyng, Leon Taylor, Mark Beaumont, Yorgos Karamalegos & many more...

There also a couple of events that took place in the warm up to the campaign: Richard E Grant & Sarah Townsends' talks & Q&As.
There are transcripts available for these events, so that those that missed them can still benefit from the questions asked & the advice given.

The MMTO website is designed to help you achieve your bucket list in many different ways...

1. 100s of exclusive offers/discounts to make your bucket list more affordable

2. Lots of free events & opportunities to help you achieve your desired career & ambitions
3. It's a free platform on which to advertise, if you are in the Creative Arts, are doing something for charity, have your own blog or run your own business

4. There's a 'Petition System' where you can ask for specific offers to be made available on the website, for your particular dream. This means that the website can be tailored to your needs

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